Suss youth development

We are always looking for the opportunity to develop a satellite of a SuperSport United Soccer Schools within the local community surrounding one of our existing centres, thereby reaching and influencing as many children as possible.  Our existing Schools all network with each other and have become one of the most exciting and forward thinking youth development systems in the country.  We are already on the road to reaching our goal of changing the way football is both coached, played and watched, making it more skilful, fun and exciting for all.  The more satellites we run, the more young children benefit from our programme and proven all year round syllabus, whilst identifying those children with hunger and passion to further their football training via our Core SuperSport United Soccer Schools sessions.

School Syllabus
Our school  syllabus offers the following options:

  •     Breakfast sessions
  •     PE Sessions
  •     Skills Badge Challenge in PE
  •     curriculum
  •     Extra mural sessions
  •     Team coaching
  •     One on One coaching

Our training methods do not require purpose built facilities, in fact our programme can be implemented on a school field, tennis court, school hall or even in a classroom.  Some schools  however have chosen the option of building a 40m X 22m multi purpose, all weather, artificial turf pitch with netting and lighting. The benefits of these pitches include but is not limited to a more active youth within the
community, a sports focal point which encourages a healthy social interaction and a safe environment for children and adults to interact and enjoy the sport of their choice.  
 Whilst not essential these pitches can be used for other sport codes namely:

  •     5 a side Soccer
  •     Netball
  •     Hockey
  •     Mini Cricket
  •     Volleyball