Skills Badge Challenge & Triple P

The Skills Badge Challenge & "Triple P" concept

The Skills Badge Challenge is central to our training programme, helping players’ measure progress, develop quick feet, control and confidence.

Combined with our ‘Triple P Concept’ of practice, patience and persistence it has value beyond football.

The First Step and Kick Start badges introduce our ‘core moves’ and juggling, challenging players to believe they can master the ball.

Improvement comes gradually through practice, patience and persistence, as does belief and confidence.

Once the First Step and Kick Start badges are completed players move on to our full programme. This includes turns, moves to beat a player, passing, balances, traps and floor to air moves. The levels are from 1-5.

Each level demands greater speed and repetition developing the players’ concentration and ball control as they work through the levels.

Players complete each badge at their own pace and gain confidence through achievement, encouraging them to attempt the next badge.