The aim of Brazilian Soccer Schools is to provide a platform to create the complete and perfect footballer. We are now the world’s largest chain of independently operated soccer schools with franchises running across five continents.

At the core of Brazilian Soccer Schools philosophy is a unique and practical application of coaching. We do not seek to produce clones of Brazilian players; Brazil was simply our starting point and inspiration. Over time our coaching syllabus has evolved through intuitive logic, innovation and the study of other sports and human endeavour to become the complete training programme.

Brazilian Soccer Schools across the world are places of learning and development. 

Our approach is of a long term nature and has at its centre a ‘pyramid of player development’ that integrates the education of the technical, physical, psychological and the tactical elements of the game with every aspect geared towards the development of the elite eleven-a-side player.

Most importantly and key to our training programme is that we have never bought into the myth of natural talent or overnight success, what we do believe in is hard work, perseverance and practice from which talent can emerge when honed over decades.

We have always maintained the view there are no limits to improvement, with the right mind set and quantity of practice the Brazilian Soccer School method of training will inspire players to push beyond existing limitations and transform the way young players involved in our programme train, play and live the game.