Soccer school shows off

Greenside – a new soccer school in Greenside hosts tournament to showcase Futebol de Salao.

Sensational soccer skills were demonstrated while enough fun was had to go around at a Futebol de Salao Tournament in Greenside.

SuperSport United Soccer Schools Greenside will launch at Pirates Sports Club on 1 March.  In light of this, the soccer coaching school hosted the 5-a-side tournament on 23 February to allow players from other SuperSport United Soccer Schools to showcase their skills learned in training.

As friendhip and good sportsmanship were the order of the day, all players from under 7 to under 16 level were split into different teams.  This gave the yungsters a chance to play with new teammates.

"Everything we do is about development, even in games we can say goals can only be scored in the box or in one half of the field", said Mike Hughes, owner of soccer schools in Greenside, Randburg, Sandton and Marks Park.

"We are like extra lessons for soccer.  Many players still play at their schools and clubs and come here to refine their skills.  We are the "technique" side of the jigsaw puzzle."

Family and friends cheered on from the sidelines during tournaments and all were impressed with the level of talent on display.

Hughes said soccer was the winner on the day because coaches continuously mixed the teams to prove that all players could play the schools' style of play and implement its methodology.

He added that the SuperSport United Soccer Schools had sent teams to the Iber Cup in Brazil in January where the under nine's won their division.  A team comprised of some of the schools best players also competed in the Volkswagen Junior Masters in Berlin, Germany, where they finished sixth out of 19 teams.

Visit Greenside under the schools tab on the website to register your child at the school.